Get to know us

Kozmo has grown over the past 60 Years starting from a small Family business with a small showroom and a workshop at Kozmo theater lobby, which we had provided a lot of costume furniture for the plays and novels presented at the stage of this amazing historical theater in the heart of the city of Alexandria, (This is where Kozmo has been founded) Kozmo grew to become one if the most successful furniture manufacturers.

The hard work and passion for the art and furniture are the main reason of our growing business, which drove us all the way to become one of the best well known trusted name brand in the furniture market.

Kozmo furniture only use the finest materials provided by the world’s top suppliers to ensure that every Kozmo product is made to perfection to offer the proper degree of durability and comfort. Our furniture is checked at every stage of the production to maintain the world’s highest quality standards. So you can be assured that the product you are buying will provide an ultimate level of satisfaction and an absolutely luxurious home.

We are so confident in our Products to last a life time, thats why we are the first furniture manufacturers worldwide to grant their clients with a genuine Kozmo life-time guarantee.

We take pride in helping our clients find quality furniture at an affordable price. We customise furniture to your own taste and style.

If you can draw it Kozmo will make it.

Mr. Elsayed Hassanein Kozmo CEO and Founder